Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wind vs Sun

The wind blew through here like mad yesterday. It knocked our power out for a few hours and spread pine leaves and loose branches everywhere. Castanet says there were 70 incidents reported in a two hour period - trees fell on houses, cars and electrical lines. Two fires started by fallen wires were quickly put out up the hill from us. There was a deluge of rain, which I think helped dampen the fires. The Terrace fire is now 50% contained and some of the evacuated have been allowed back.

This afternoon we will drive past the scorched earth of Glenrosa for the first time since the fires and I wonder how that will feel. We'll head down to what we call our favourite beach despite the fact we've only been to once. It's in a Provincial Park called Sun-Oka just south of Summerland. We stumbled upon it two years ago and fell in love. Used mostly by the people camping in their trailers in the park, I think Sunday afternoons are fairly quiet on the beach. It's just a little too far to pop down to for a couple of hours, so we have to make a concerted effort to go. Today we are.
Ribs are marinating in lemon, oregano, olive oil and garlic as I type and I will barbecue them shortly as part of our dinner picnic. Hennie's famous potato salad is also in progress...with new red potatoes, green apples and green onions, sweet Vidalia onions, crunchy celery, and feathery dill. We'll stop at the side of the road for some fresh cherries, peaches and tomatoes along the way.

I'm looking forward to sitting on the beach, reading my book. I will wear by bathing suit (but NOT my bikini!) and remove my cover up at least. I may even end up putting a toe in the water... or not, time will tell. Relaxation is difficult for me to achieve some times but I recall it wasn't a problem on our last visit and I was able to keep myself from checking my watch for more than an hour. If I get restless I can always walk up and down the beach and take some photos. Pop by in a day or two and see what I saw...

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