Saturday, June 1, 2013

Goosha What Now?

Guisachan Heritage Park (commonly pronounced Goo-shigun) is located on Cameron Avenue in Kelowna. Guiscachan House Restaurant, shown below has a lovely ambiance and a variety of tasty lunch choices.   It's open daily from 11 to 3 and I very much look forward to going there for my next lunch date.

It's been the site of many celebrations, particularly weddings. If you think the space would be right for you, Chef Georg Rieder is happy to arrange a consultation.  The rest of the grounds are beautiful and provide great photo ops for fun or special occasions.  Because I haven't been been posting much lately due to time constraints, I'm going to leave you now and let the pictures do the talking.  These shots were taken mid summer 2012.

Update!  Took my daughter to Guiscachan House for lunch Friday.

Pristine Victorian decor.

My  chicken mushroom crepe

My daughter's dessert.

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